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News of Julie Fairley welcome to julie fairley.com

Thank you for stopping by Julie Fairley.com. As an published author, animation script writer, veteran educator, K-12 administrator, respected college instructor and corporate leadership coach, Julie offers clients a wealth of expertise, education experience.

Her educational wisdom, warm personality, along with being a creative talent in both animation and corporate leadership projects, offers her clients an exciting, fresh perspective in both the corporate, and entertainment industries.

Julie offers;  Writing services including parables, children’s stories, original cartoon and animation pilot episodes, and animation bibles. Julie also is a respected Corporate Consultant, especially in the areas of leadership, management transformation, decision-making processes and performance compensation programming,  Julie Fairley has the creative abilities to meet your needs

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Great News! Julie has released her long awaited leadership book "Spirit Movers". In these challenging times, excellence in leadership is more than desirable, it is critical. This insightful book contains a framework in the form of a rubric, which describes ten essential facets of leadership at three levels of effectiveness.
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Julie re-releases Character Capsules. These parables are created as short stories, used to convey character in leadership. Educators and parents report the Audio CD is perfect for the classroom, and carpool listening, while executives use it as a way to establish ethical standards.


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Great News! The long awaited leadership book Spirit Movers from Julie Fairley is now available. Order "Spirit Movers" today using the link beloew to Julies online store. See all products from animation writer and leadership author Julie Fairley inside her WebStore.

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To reach Julie Fairley 24/7 for business, or information call 1-303-933-2101 You can also email Julie here now
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