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Julie has become recognized in the animation industry for her fresh, creative approach to animation concepts.

Her keen ability to take the viewer on an exciting journey, outside the normal cartoon program offerings of today, has made her the "go-to-gal" for original, creative animation scripts.

Julie's animation writing services include the creation of title bibles, storyboards, pilots, trailers and complete series episodes for on-going projects. Below are a few samples of her recent works within the animation and cartoon industry.

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chip n stolly impulse spray episode

Cartoon Scripts
Julie can offer your team, a creative writer for your cartoon series, pilot, or animation project. Julie is always open to partnerships and "work for hire" opportunities. Watch one of Julie's ORIGINAL cartoon ideas. Click Here to Watch Sample Episode Now.

Creative Collaboration
Julie co-creates unique, original animation concepts and animated tv series ideas. Her ability to combine both a K-12 background, with a creative writing talent is rare. Listen to Original Character Audio Story.

sage patron an original concept by julie fairley

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Reach Julie Fairley 24/7 for business, partnerships, and creative services calling 1-303-933-2101 You can also reach her online here now

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