Here is a little insight into what made me the person I am!

* I've always been creative, producing neighborhood plays at age 4.
* I hold a degree in Radio & Television. I even hosted a radio show for kids at 19.
* I hold an M.S. in Educational Admin and I've been a teacher, principal, director of secondary education and a college instructor.
* I've been a consultant/speaker/facilitator in public and private sectors including the U.S. Government's Leadership Development Centers.* I have experience writing cartoon episodes for an animation studio which have been seen as far away as France and India.
* I have written two books of parables about leadership and recently co-authored Spirit Movers: Attributes for Transforming Leadership with my colleague, Dr. Cile Chavez.
* I love the arts and nurture that affection in many ways, including watching my talented daughter sing, act, and perform.
* I have a grandson and granddaughter who bring great joy to my life and remind me of the need in our world for love, leadership and laughter if they are to grow up to be the beautiful people I know they can be.

My Personal Paradoxes:
* I have a lifelong passion for leadership, but I'm willing to follow in the spirit of service to others.
* Though I'm creative, I'm also able to organize and deliver seminars and consultations with measureable outcomes.
* As an educator, I'm devoted to serious learning, but I'm also able to create fun and stimulating images for children's minds.
* I am proud to have been honored by colleagues, and I am also humbled by the wisdom of children.
* I possess an active sense of humor, and I also have a sense of decency and goodness.
I would like to respectfully ask that you consider this as a request for further exploration of the possibility that my insight, passion and skills could contribute to your project. If you would like to hear or read some of my work and see a traditional resume, please use the links on my resume page.

Thank you for both your visit and consideration. Good luck with your project!

Julie Fairley